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Example: Trading Spreads


Example: Portfolio Management


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More detailed examples of how Keyboard Trader can speed up your trading

Active Trading / Portfolio Management

To better understand the benefits of Active Trading / Portfolio Management using Keyboard Trader, we recommend you watch these videos:

On-the-fly Baskets/Spreads

Creating baskets/spreads on-the-fly is not something we expect anyone to have prior experience with. We recommend you watch these videos to learn more:

Spread Trading

There are great benefits of trading spreads using Keyboard Trader. However, they are easier to understand by seeing a demo or trying it yourself. We recommend that for starters you watch our Spreads video. You may also be interested in a video of how to configure baskets/spreads on-the-fly using Keyboard Trader.


1We assume it is not neccesary to wait for cancel confirmation before placing new order. There is risk of working orders getting partially or full filled. This would result in larger than desired position size. This usually won’t happen due to the fact the time window for this to happen is usually only a small fraction of a second. If trader wanted to eliminate this risk altogether, they could press two keys instead of one. First key would be to cancel orders, second key would be to trade to target.

2Using Keyboard Trader methods, products may be defined ahead of time or choosen on the fly. If limited to only products with current positions, that would limit product selections.