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Screen Share

Use this button to launch a screen share session after scheduling one with us:

Software Support: Email / Phone 

Please use the Contact page to submit a support request, email support@keyboardtrader.com or call us at 973-865-2330. 

Software Support: Help File

Keyboard Trader software comes with a very detailed Help File.

Personalized Consulting

While most traders like to configure their software and trading environment themselves, there are certain areas that traders often ask for our assistance. We can help you approach and design your keyboard and software workspaces with a strategic mindset. Our consulting is available on an hourly or project basis.

Keyboard Support

If you have questions or problems regarding a keyboard purchased from Bionic Trader Systems, contact us. For matters regarding the functionality of SoftProg, consult the Help File contained within SoftProg or visit Access-IS' website.