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Basic Overview

You are probably used to your brokerage or trading software provider allowing you to download your trades. That data (“trade data”) typically includes variables related to your trades themselves.

Using the Data Publishing component of Keyboard Trader, you can get that same trade data for your trades (whether you use Keyboard Trader for trading, or even if you use a mouse, as long as you have Keyboard Trader running). But along with the trade data, and attached to every order and execution, we can also give you a huge number of variables that are important to you. These variables are able to be collected because of Keyboard Trader’s integration with Microsoft Excel.

What can you do with these extra variables?

If you have ever tried to analyze your P&L using typical “trade data”, you probably studied your P&L against a small number of variables such as what symbol you traded, what time you traded it, the day of week, etc. But your learnings were destined to be limited because the variables provided to you were limited. With Keyboard Trader’s Data Publishing, now you can analyze your P&L against an extra 10 variables, 100 variables, or many more. Keyboard Trader can store the values of thousands of these real-time Excel variables at once, and publish the values of these variables that exist at the time of your orders and executions. You can learn an incredible amount from this information, and you can use these learnings to improve your trading. For example: 

  • Figure out if there are thresholds of a “range” (high-low) variable, such that you are profitable above the threshold and unprofitable below the threshold. Figure out if thresholds or other patterns exist based on volatility, volume, stochastics, and anything else you want.
  • Figure out if your profitability differs for your long and short positions based on where the market is in comparison to moving averages.
  • Figure out if your profitability is dependent on the correlation between the symbol you are trading and other symbols.
  • Figure out if your profitability improves or wanes within two days or less of option expiration or first notice day.
  • Much more!

How much customization is possible? 

A huge amount of customization is possible. You can pull whatever data you want into Excel, and then pass the values resulting from these formulas to Keyboard Trader.

Where is the data published to, and how do I get it?

The trade data and additional variables from Excel will be published to a database that can be located on your trading computer, on another computer at a static IP you specify, or on our servers. If you publish the data to our servers, you can download the data from www.bionictradersystems.com.

Is there anything else I can publish aside from market data?

Yes. Any data that is delivered to Excel can be published and attached to your trades. Commitment of trader data, weather data, web-site data, trading performance data from your trading platform, streaming windows/computer events data. We are also hoping for new developments for streaming data to Excel from heart-rate monitors, Fitbit and related devices, etc.

In addition to data from these external sources, Keyboard Trader allows you to create your own variables that can be sent to Excel and published. For example, you can press a key to mark your trades as scalps or position trades, or mark when unexpected news comes out. You can also track events in Excel, such as when your open position equals zero, and count actions that occur in between each of these events. The idea is to record anything that may be meaningful for when you do your trade analysis.

How much data can pass through Excel? How many variables can I publish per order?

There is no exact amount of data that can pass through Excel; it depends on a lot of factors (CPU, RAM, network bandwidth, the limitations of the market data provider to Excel, the version of Excel, etc.) On a good computer, with a good data provider, and with a good internet connection, you can receive thousands of variables into Excel without causing data delays or backups in Excel. If you want to find out more, explore the help materials of your market data provider.

With regards to data publishing, you can easily publish the values of hundreds of variables or more for every order and/ or execution. We have routinely tested publishing well over 1000 variables per order and execution and never had any problems. Let us know if your needs are beyond this and we can provide you materials to help you test it. 

Requirements for Big Data Publishing

1) Data Provider: You need trading software that provides a real-time data connection to Microsoft Excel such as:

  • CQG with RTD
  • TT® Platform or X_TRADER® with X_STUDY®
  • Tradestation with EasyLanguage
  • any other option(s) based on your needs

2) Trading Platform that connects to Keyboard Trader (any of these):

  • TT® Platform or X_TRADER® Pro 
  • CQG
  • T4
  • TWS

3) Keyboard Trader

4) Keyboard Trader Add-In for Microsoft Excel


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