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January, 2017: "Keyboard Trader highlighted in John Netto's new book"; John Netto talks about how he uses Keyboard Trader and "The Risk Trade" keyboard configuration as part of his trading system over CQG in his new book The Global Macro Edge.

January, 2013: "Software Review: Bionic Trader Systems' Keyboard Trader"; a review by John Siewers III of Futures Magazine. Overall Rating 4 out of 4.

October, 2012: "Back to the Future of Trading; Adam Sheldon Reinvents Keyboard Trading"; a profile in InsideAdvantage newsletter by Iqbal Branch of Advantage Futures.

September, 2012: "Five Minutes with Adam Sheldon, Founder of Bionic Trader Systems"; a Q&A by Jim Kharouf of John Lothian Newsletter for MarketsWiki.



"Keyboard Trader has been an amazing addition to my trading arsenal. In high volatility, when managing multiple positions, I used to have unnecessary losses simply not being able to get flat fast enough because I would have to click out of each product individually. Now with Keyboard Trader I am one button away from instantly getting flat. It is extremely reliable and stable. The software is very robust and virtually any macro I dream up is able to be built. The possibilities are truly endless and I find myself creating new ways to utilize my Keyboard all the time. If you like trading a portfolio of products it is very easy to buy and sell all at once. Once I identify the theme of the day, I can easily set up my Keyboard to trade the products and in whatever mix of quantities I want. This is especially helpful around major economic releases and news events. I would recommend Keyboard Trader to every day-trader as you will no longer be constrained by time to the degree that you are presently."  Justin K

"This is the best software if you want to scalp (or just be agile) in today's markets. I've traded with many trading platforms that offer hotkeys, but this is a whole different playing field. Love it!"  Killer, Chicago

"You gave me very good advice about taking my time, doing careful research, and developing a plan. I'm glad I listened to you...I traded in simulation using the keyboard, making a lot of mistakes and learning through trial and error how best to take that one idea and actually trade it successfully...It would be nearly impossible for me to trade this idea, using this method, without your keyboard. And I would never have arrived at this point without following your advice. And for that, I thank you." L.K.

"After using a Keyboard Trader keyboard (the Power1 keyboard with the T4 platform), for a couple of months now I wouldn’t want to go back to trading without it. I have used it on a selection of different futures products: Crude, and the e-mini Nasdaq and ES, and just find it so much easier and quicker for entries and exits than trying to enter with the mouse. Being able to choose whether to say join the Bid, or lift the Offer without needing to move my hands at all is great. Also being able to simply move orders up and down the ladder with arrow keys is much faster than trying to move them with a mouse. Overall I simply find it a much more efficient way to manage my trading and it allows me to focus more on the charts and orders on the DOM when I need to instead of watching my cursor. Delivery was quick and Adam’s customer service and setup help has been excellent too." Matthew S., Swindon, UK

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