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Trade Multiple Accounts and over Multiple APIs from the same keyboard

We are pleased to announce a big step forward for Keyboard Trader in 2017. Now you can trade multiple accounts from Keyboard Trader, from one API or over multiple APIs, from the same Keyboard Trader connection, from the same keyboard, and even from the same macro!

How can this help me?

Many traders have multiple accounts. Sometimes this is because they have a prop/business account and then a separate personal account. Other times it's because they set up multiple retirement accounts which cannot be combined (such as a Roth and a SEP). If you have tried actively trading multiple accounts, you know the challenges. Active trading requires attention, and whenever you try to manage each account, it comes at the expense of your attention to each other account. You've probably tried to tell yourself that one account will be for active trading, and the other accounts will be for position trading. And that may sound like a good idea until you watch your main account flourish while your position trading account suffers. And except for certain circumstances, planning to keep your hands off of a position trading account can feel quite misguided with the huge headline risk in the markets today. Are you just going to let a position trading account tank - in the face of a whopper of a news headline - just because that's how you planned it? What if you had the ability to control all of your accounts at a moments notice? What if you could actively trade multiple accounts under one common strategy?

The specifics

  • Trade multiple accounts using the the same keyboard hotkeys.
  • Trade over multiple APIs using the the same keyboard hotkeys.
  • Keep only one or two accounts for active trading but still have panic keys which control all/other accounts.
  • Define and quickly trade to Risk ON/OFF "Target Portfolios", defined separately for each account, and each containing a variety of symbols to reflect the potential news headlines.
  • Place and cancel orders, raise/lower open order prices across multiple accounts and APIs using single key-presses.
  • Build more complex processes using Excel which can smartly split your liquidity by account and API based on formulas you create.

Not only does does this functionality give you more power and control, but it does something even greater. It lets you protect and maintain your most precious resource: your focus.