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TT® Platform or X_TRADER® Pro from Trading Technologies, International, Inc.

Keyboard Trader supports trading at the following exchanges using TTAPI® and X_TRADER® API:

  • BVMF (futures only)
  • CFE
  • CBOT
  • CME
  • ICE
  • LME
  • MEFF
  • MX
  • NYSE_Liffe
  • NYSE_Liffe Amsterdam
  • NYSE_Liffe Paris
  • OSE
  • SFE
  • SGX
  • TFX
  • TSE


Keyboard Trader supports trading of futures with CQG. You can also trade spreads seamlessly using Keyboard Trader with CQG by configuring macros to submit orders, price changes, cancels, etc. for multiple independent futures contracts with single key triggers.

T4 from CTS

Keyboard Trader supports trading of futures and spreads with T4 API. You can also trade spreads using Keyboard Trader with T4 API by configuring macros to submit orders, price changes, cancels, etc. for multiple independent futures contracts with single key triggers.

TWS from Interactive Brokers

Keyboard Trader supports trading of stocks, futures, forex, and options with TWS. You can also trade spreads using Keyboard Trader with TWS by configuring macros to submit orders, price changes, cancels, etc. for multiple independent products with single key triggers.

Excel Connectivity

Keyboard Trader and the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel use a combination of COM and TCP sockets to communicate. With Keyboard Trader's Excel connectivity, you can run functions that both send data to and pull data from Microsoft Excel, usually within a few milliseconds. If you want to trigger Keyboard Trader macros from Excel, the delays are usually about 20 milliseconds or higher. We also make streaming data available for certain important variables in Excel at the symbol-account level (your net position, bid/ask, open orders). The speed of this data may vary depending on the API and the number of symbols you are pulling data for (inquire with us for more detail). To be able to experience the most out of our Excel connectivity, you may wish to use either an RTD (Real Time Data) feed offered by one of our connected partners in conjunction with Keyboard Trader's Add-In for Excel. If that is not available to you, another real time data source in Excel that provides you indicator data you need for your trading strategies may benefit you. The complexity of the processes you build can range from very simple to very complex. Contact us to discuss what your goals are, and we can provide you with whatever additional information you need to help you determine if the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel may be useful to you.2

Keyboard Trader® Hardware Requirements                                        

Operating System Windows® XP Professional or
Windows® 7 (Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) or
Windows® 10 (Home, Professional or Enterprise)
Windows® XP Professional or
Windows® 7 (Professional or Ultimate) or
Windows® 10 (Professional or Enterprise)
Processor 4 Cores 8 Cores
Memory 2 GB 8 GB
Internet High Bandwidth Dedicated Line
Hard Drive 300 MB of hard drive space 10,000 rpm with 1 GB of hard drive space
Video Card PCI-E 128 PCI-E 512
Microsoft® .Net connection software Microsoft® .Net 4.5 Full Version Microsoft® .Net 4.5 Full Version


TTAPI®, TT® Platform, X_TRADER® Pro and X_TRADER® API are trademarks (registered or otherwise) of Trading Technologies International, Inc. Trading Technologies International, Inc. assumes no liability in connection with the use of Partner’s [or other applicable party’s] services by any person or entity.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

1Keyboard Trader is not conformed to trade to any exchange directly, and is not associated, affiliated, connected, approved, authorized, or sponsored by any exchange. Not all Keyboard Trader trading functionality is supported by every product at every exchange. For example, only a few of the above listed exchanges support iceberg orders, and at least one exchange does not accept market orders.

2All of the technologies described on this website involving the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel, and even more complex systems that have not been described, have been tested to be nearly 100% reliable. However, we do not guarantee performance for any specific system that you build with the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel. This is in light of the fact that the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel integrates with technologies produced by Microsoft, and based on your needs, the technologies produced by Microsoft may further integrate with technologies produced by market data providers and/or trading applications. Because these external technologies are outside of our control, could change over time, and could potentially have unique interaction effects in combination, we do not guarantee the performance of the Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel in combination with any or all of them. The Keyboard Trader Add-In for Excel is extremely powerful. But in the interests of your safety we recommend that you aggressively stress test anything that you build with it before using it in a live market environment. Regardless of what you build, you are responsible for its performance, and we do not guarantee that it will work. However, we will do our best to provide you with information, testing tools, and our recommendations. Contact us with any questions.