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Keyboard Trader connects to the following Trading Platforms via API:

  • X_TRADER® Pro from Trading Technologies, International, Inc.
  • CQG
  • T4 from CTS
  • TWS from Interactive Brokers


Excel Connectivity

Our RTD Server (used for Excel connectivity) can be used for a broad range of purposes and trading applications. It works well with X_TRADER Pro and CQG without any additional data sources required. This is because X_TRADER Pro and CQG both have an RTD (Real Time Data) feed.

If you use T4 or TWS and wish to use Keyboard Trader with Excel connectivity, then you need to find another data source that provides reliable real time data into Microsoft Excel. This data can be used by Keyboard Trader when sending orders, etc. to T4 API or IBAPI.

If you are trading with a different platform than those listed above, but your trading platform accepts orders from Excel, then we can still provide you with our Excel Connecivity software and a keyboard. You can then control Excel using the keyboard, thus triggering orders and other actions based on your Excel formulas. Call us at 312-648-1000 to discuss options.

Other Solutions

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