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About Bionic Trader Systems

Since 2010, Bionic Trader Systems has been developing software and hardware for the futures trading industry. Its core focus is on giving professional manual futures traders the tools they need to execute orders with speed, stability and control while leveraging their human edge.

In 2012, Bionic Trader Systems released Keyboard Trader, its flagship product.

Keyboard Trader is a futures trading system. Its intuitive, user-friendly software connects to the APIs of the leading professional and institutional futures trading platforms. Its programmable keyboards come in a variety of configurations or can be built from scratch to complement a specific trading style or strategy. Single-product traders, multi-product traders, and spread traders, whether amateur or professional, can all benefit from the speed, stability and control offered by Keyboard Trader.

Adam Sheldon is the founder of Bionic Trader Systems. He is also an independent futures/equity trader and member of both COMEX and CBOT. Read more about Adam and how creating Keyboard Trader solved some of his most vexing trading problems.

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