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Event trading solution for the professional

Baskets/Spreads On-The-Fly

  • Choose which products to include in your basket/spread on-the-fly; change them as you trade
  • Enjoy the benefits of diversification, while maintaining flexibility to adjust based on product action
  • Define bullish/neutral/bearish biases for each product separately
  • Sell some products at the same time you buy others
  • Change/cancel multiple working orders with single keys
  • Can be used for event-trading
  • Smart macro functionality is built to reflect your trading goals 

A Case Study: "The Risk Trade":

Our video above highlights how you can trade "The Risk Trade" using some of these concepts. The "Risk Trade" has been active since around 2008, where you often see traders going in one of two directions: 

  • "RISK ON":
    • LONG: stocks, commodity currencies, energy, metals, agriculture
    • SHORT: bonds, non-commodity/safety currencies
  • "RISK OFF":
    • LONG: bonds, non-commodity/safety currencies
    • SHORT: stocks, commodity currencies, energy, metals, agriculture

We have two versions of our "Risk Trade" configurations you can try with our free demo; you can make further adjustments to them as you see fit. If you enjoyed our video above, you may also want to watch another video where we show how to configure baskets on-the-fly with a much different workspace and keyboard configuration.