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There’s virtually no limit to how we can configure keyboards so we’re sure to have a set up that’s right for you. We offer a Keyboard Trader workspace and keyboard layout for the additional configurations listed here. Don’t see quite what you need? Let us know! We can configure something specific to your trading style.


One of our simplest, most intuitive keyboards. Use your left hand for buys and your right hand for sells. Layout as shown is configured to trade one product. With a few simple changes, Alien can also be used to trade multiple products.

Quick Start Guide   

Power 1Power 1

Similar to our Advanced Active Trading configuration, Power 1 has been modified to trade just one product.

Quick Start Guide  

See a short video comparing someone trading one product with a mouse vs Keyboard Trader.

Platinum v2 Platinum_v2

Another relative of our Advanced Active Trading keyboard, we’ve configured buy and sell keys vertically on Platinum v2. Stop orders are positioned for quick and easy access. 

Advanced Configurations

Once you master keyboard trading, an advanced configuration can provide even greater opportunities to execute your strategy. An advanced solution can help you:

  • Aggressively trade one product using one keyboard, and position trade other products with an additional keyboard (or on a different section of the same keyboard). For example, you could use the "Power 1" keyboard and the "My Little Helper" keyboard in combination.
  • Actively trade using one keyboard while performing less time-sensitive tasks such as product selection on a secondary keyboard (see above photo). Only one Keyboard Trader software license is required per system.
  • Enable a groups of products simultaneously (i.e., “stocks”, “currencies”, "metals", etc.) with single key-presses; then trade their components as baskets.

Simple Layout

Sometimes, the simplest layout can be the most powerful. Get acclimated to keyboard trading with a mini-keyboard. Stop missing opportunities by a second or two and see how single key presses can get you back on track.


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We want to help you improve your trading. As traders ourselves, we can offer expert solutions based on our deep experience in the futures markets. Contact us and we’ll help you leverage your human edge with the best trading technology available.