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X_TRADER® Pro ADL algorithms from a keyboard 

X_TRADER Pro from Trading Technologies includes an incredibly robust automated trading language called ADL. This has allowed sophisticated traders to automate their trading. Now you can use Keyboard Trader to trigger these ADL algorithms from your Keyboard Trader keyboard. The benefits? Speed, Stability, and Control. Here's how it works:

  • Add boolean (0/1)  "user-defined variables" to your X_TRADER Pro ADL algorithms. Use them as inputs for your on/off switches for your order blocks
  • Link the user-defined variables that control your ADL algorithms to Microsoft Excel using X_TRADER Pro RTD links
  • Use Keyboard Trader to build macros that control the values in Microsoft Excel
  • Execute your Keyboard Trader macros from your Keyboard Trader keyboard
  • Control one or many ADL algorithms using single keypresses
  • Neither Keyboard Trader nor Microsoft Excel has to be an active application for behavior to work. You can keep watching X_TRADER just like you normally do, now you just have a keyboard for added speed, stability and control.


Stage A: start with your Microsoft Excel template

Stage B: use your keyboard to turn on algorithms, control quantity and other user-defined variables

Stage C: turn off all of your risk-taking algorithms, and turn on your liquidation algorithms with one key


You can control X_TRADER Pro ADL algorithms for as many products as you want using our "Standard" Keyboard Trader license with "RTD Server". See pricing.

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