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Trading Platform Connections

Select which platforms you want to connect to Keyboard Trader*:

*$50/month flat fee for each platform connection after the 1st connection

*fee separate from Transactional / Pre-Paid fees below

Symbols Per Workspace No Trading
Transactional 1 5 60 (Data Publishing only)
Fee/Side Executed
(for trades ­sent or ­modified by ­Keyboard Trader)
15c 25c 35c ---
Fee/Side Executed
(for other trades ­executed while ­Keyboard Trader is running)
1c 1c 1c ---
Pre-Paid Price/month
Data Publishing: Basic Trade Data

Excel Connectivity


*Required for Excel Data Publishing

*“No Trading” users on YOUR SERVER: this fee is waived

*“No Trading” users on OUR SERVER: we will subtract this fee from your Data Publishing fees (below)

*Excel Connectivity Fees separate from other fees

Data Publishing: Excel Data

*Requires Excel Add-In (select above)

Rows of Excel Data/month* price
+$30 per 10,000,000 threshold

$275/month flat fee*

*Choosing this option will require us to prepare your server for Data Publishing. This will take between three and 10 hours depending on complexity. At your request we can provide you some instructions that can save you some or possibly most of these costs. Further support/ maintenance will probably be rare but is still possible; our billing rate is $135/hr.

Pricing Summary
Pre-Paid Monthly and One-Time Costs  (first month and one-time costs billed up front)

Transactional Costs  (billed end of each month)

Other Details              

CQG connection
X_TRADER® Pro connection
T4 connection
TWS connection

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