Bionic Trader Systems is able to assist you on a variety of custom projects.

Do you need a custom solution or algo that connects to one of the APIs that Keyboard Trader already connects to?

Because Keyboard Trader connects to a variety of APIs, we can leverage off of our knowledge and code base to help you complete your custom project faster. See our list of Connected Platforms. Then send us an email with your specifications for your custom project. We will either send you a quote or a request for more information.

Do you want Keyboard Trader to connect to a new API we are not yet connected to?

If you help us fund the development of that new connection for Keyboard Trader, we can offer you a discount on Keyboard Trader for the lifetime of your usage. Let us know which trading platform you want to connect to Keyboard Trader, and we’ll let you know feasibility and costs.

Do you have other development needs? 

Let us know your needs and we can let you know if we can help.