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About the Founder

Man Versus Machine

Adam Sheldon is the founder of Bionic Trader Systems and the inventor of its flagship product, ­Keyboard Trader®.

The year: 2004. Algorithmic trading was on the rise. Given my love for math and computer ­programming, it was only natural that I considered venturing down that path. But I had some ­nagging concerns. For example:

  • Algorithms would get me in the market faster, but they would pre-empt my ­ability to enter and exit trades based on my interpretation of breaking news, market ­information and events.
  • The increasing complexity and sophistication of algorithms would require intensive, ­continuous programming and technology costs over time.
  • Algorithms would never be able to properly interpret important, qualitative ­information such as political statements, FOMC speeches and breaking news.

Although it’s easy to understand why algorithmic systems would have an edge for low-latency and arbitrage purposes, I believed there were better answers for most styles of active trading.

After careful consideration, I made a decision. Instead of adopting algorithmic trading, I would continue to trade manually, and capitalize on my human edge. However, I knew I would also need to find a way to improve the speed and control of my order execution.

A Man, a Mouse, and a Revelation

Where’s the mouse pointer? Oh there it is. Now move it. Click. Now move it over there. Click. Now repeat again and again. Although I had traded with a mouse for years, I realized it was costing me serious money and getting me out of sync.

  • When I wanted to make changes in my account holdings, I couldn’t move the mouse fast enough to perform the actions I needed.
  • Because I never knew which actions I’d have to execute ahead of time (i.e., liquidate or add to position, change order size, cancel orders, etc.), there was never one good place for the mouse pointer. It was almost always in the wrong spot and because of that, I was almost always behind the market regardless of what I needed to do next.

Worst of all, these problems were magnified when I wanted to perform actions for multiple products in my account. I knew that if I wanted to trade better and faster, I’d have to replace, or at least supplement, the mouse.

So, I began to experiment with programmable keyboards. It took me some time to find the right keyboard configuration. But once I did, I found that I had a consistent edge over click-trading just by using the basic hotkeys offered by trading software providers.

The Rise of Keyboard Trader®

Even though my trading profitability was increasing, trading with a programmable keyboard didn’t solve everything. On the software side, crucial aspects needed improvement or didn’t even exist. There wasn’t enough hotkey functionality or stability offered by any professional trading platform I considered using.

There was only one way to take my trading to another level: I needed software built to ­complement the programmable keyboard. And with my background in programming and ­trading, I knew I could lead the effort to bring this software product to market. I founded Bionic Trader Systems and began developing Keyboard Trader, working closely with a team of ­programmers to ensure the system’s features are as functional, stable and intuitive as possible, all from a trader’s perspective.

A Total System

Today, Keyboard Trader is available as an add-on to three of the leading futures trading ­platforms. I believe it is the best futures trading system available for manual traders who want to leverage their human edge while having greater speed and control.

If you think humans can trade better than algos, I agree. Try Keyboard Trader and see for ­yourself how you can improve your concentration and timing while leveraging your human edge. 


Stay strong and trade on,

Adam Sheldon